The LICHFIELD PRESS was set up originally to publish books about Lichfield and its surrounding area. It grew to embrace books by Lichfield authors, books which would probably never, considering the difficulties of the major players in the publishing world, see the light of day, but whose merit was undeniable. Whereas large publishing concerns require a readership of thousands, the Lichfield Press is able to cater for much smaller numbers.

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'Lichfield through the lenses of the Lichfield Camera Club', at £20 a welcome present for anybody interested in the past, present or future of Lichfield.  Internationally acclaimed:“Der neue Bildband ueber Lichfield zeigt in hervorragender Weise - die Schoenheit, die Geschichte und die Weiterentwicklung der Stadt.  Ein gelungenes Buch und sehr empfehlenswert!” - Heide Bein 

  “Passionnant voyage en images dans une des plus belles villes du centre de l'Angleterre . . . à lire et à regarder absolument.” - Yvonne Tantot

  “What stunning photos! What's more, the existence of a camera club which can produce such work just shows the benefits of a town like Lichfield.”- John Hathaway

  "Features an impressive collection of photographs . . . also clever panoramic photos." - Andy Kerr in the Lichfield Mercury

  "If there is one book any self-respecting Lichfield resident should have on their bookcase it is [this one]. . . .  Don't wait until Christmas - get it now!"- Caz Jones in the Lichfield Gazette

  "I love the pictures of the Cathedral!" - Patricia Golodetz








ANOTHER FIRST:  Notre premier livre en français!  Lantic par l'Image plein de photos de 1904 jusqu'à nos jours.






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   WHAT A CHANCE! The time you've always wanted to write that novel, to collect all those poems, to write your life story for the grandchildren.  

 Thank you, Corona!

John Hathaway has written his life story precisely for his grandchildren.

It's called Harvest of Years but could easily had been called  Miner's son to University Prof via Wartime Pilot

The Revd Dr Trevor James has rummaged through forty years of research notes to come up with England's Saintly Landscape, a voyage of discovery through the place names and pilgrim routes of England totrace the saints who have had an influence on the country's story

OTHER RECENT TITLES    Abiding Memories is a book which will sit nicely on the bookshelf alongside Roy Flavel's Clearing the Brook and Ralph James's Bu'kin'ton Kid and Bu'kin'ton Kid Comes Back for it consists of Tom Dowell's recollections of a happy childhood in Nuneaton from his birth in 1935 to the end of his schoolcareer in 1952

A Life of Two Halves is one man's account of living with bi-polar and chronic illness.

 Mike Wetson has gone through the mill over the years, and in this book makes the reader want to laugh with him and weep for him as he openly shares the vicissitudes of living with problems of mental illness.


And now,we proudly announce Trevor's new equally well researched book about weather, 'Come Wind, Come Weather' following previous style


 It is ultimately a tale of hope.  And help.


 Abiding Memories - Tom Dowell  - 9780905985893 - £10.00

 A Life of Two Halves - Mike Wetson - 9780905985916 - £7.00

 Bu'kinton Kid - Ralph James - 9789O598543 - £5.99

 Bu'kin'ton Kid Comes Back - 9780905985923 -  £7.99

 Harvest of Years  - John Hathaway - 978090598593X  - £10

 England's Saintly Landscape - Trevor Jamess - 9780905985947 - £10

 Come Wind, Come Weather Trevor James 9780905985626 £10.00'






Come Wind, Come Weather Trevor James 9780905985626 £10.00