Authors and their Works

Neil Coley

Neil Coley has lived in Lichfield since 1975 and the literary spirit of the city has encouraged him to put pen to paper and write twelve short stories each one set in a different era - from Roman times to the near future, and all set in Lichfield with a factual base to start from.
Neil's second book with the Lichfield Press shows his meticulous research to a high degree. His starting point for this factual account is a brief love affair in Lichfield Cathedral's Close and ends with a hanging during the War of American Independence.

Lichfield Stories 9780905985664 £8.99
The Beauty & The Spy 9780905985770 £8.99

Keith Eccleston (no photos, please) is the latest Lichfield author to publish with The Lichfield Press. His fantasy novel provides answers to Who, or what, is El Roi? How do four teenagers in the 1960s get involved with an Irish priest who drives a 1947 Standard Vanguard, a series of demons, a clutch of devil-worshippers and an angel? Who makes the finest coffee in this unnamed but recognisable Midlands cathedral city? How dangerous is it to travel back in time?

The Disciples of El Roi 9780905985725

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