Authors and their Works


  Four authors with a similar thought: to write of their experiences for the benefit of their progeny before it was too late. Reg Brookes was encouraged by his daughter Liz to put on paper his memories of his 'evasion'. Reg's 'plane was shot down during the Second World War and his adventures while evading capture, with the help of brave 'helpers', are the subject of Echoes from the Past.
  Bob Grotenhuis with the help of Roma Marsh has recorded his souvenirs of his boyhood in occupied Holland during the same period in Bob's Tale (or Bobs Verhaal in the original Dutch, in the same very slim volume).
  England was not occupied, but Roy Flavel's wartime boyhood in Stockingford, Nuneaton, described in Clearing the Brook, also consisted of evading capture - by park-keepers and their like during a period of privation and peril which, however, was normal for boys of the time.
  On the far side of Nuneaton from Stockingford lies Bulkington, and it is of his childhood there in the 1940s that Ralph James writes in Bu'kin'ton Kid.

Lichfield, a book crammed with pictures taken by members of the Lichfield Camera Club, seeks not just to show the rich past of this historic city but the changes being wrought in the 21st century. Critically acclaimed internationally, it replaces in many ways the highly successful Look at Lichfield.

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