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Daryl Hall has led a troubled life and the poems in Letters from a Cage reflect his angst. The poems are, in his own description 'bleak', and tell the story of a young man crippled by doubt and incomprehension of the world around him. There is, however, the underlying story of someone triumphing over dyslexia by reading the classics.

Letters from a Cage Daryl Hall 9780905985701

Cage front

Around the turn of the century, an inhabitant of Hopwas, a village between Lichfield and Tamworth, brought to the Press a manuscript by a former resident by the name of Harold Fox, called, not unsurprisingly, 'Harold's Hopwas', with a view to its publication. Its likely potential made it unlikely to succeed on its own as a slim volume, but some years later when it was revealed that Harold was not the only person to have recorded his memories of the place, the balance was turned in favour of publication. The efforts of Philip Hall, Brian Thompson, Joan Stubblefield, Ed Williams, Elaine Glover and Guy Smith were combined with Harold's to produce Hopwas Papers, a collection of fond memories of the village and a suggestion that the time to recall and record one's memories is NOW!

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