Authors and their work

Every Day in Every Way, Stan Shearman's only published novel, although his wry poems and articles have appeared in many places, follows the lives of two families living and working in Lichfield. Based, as so many first novels are, on the author's life experiences, the story reveals in a delicately humorous style the difficulties and hardships suffered by the two families whose lives become intertwined in a series of events neither could have anticipated.

Every Day in Every Way (9780905985305) - Stan Shearman

Gerard White is the pen-name of a former school teacher with several published novels to his name. His Semi-detached Satanists is a highly amusing attack on the lace-curtained morality of housing estates or suburbia in general and the effect such views can have on the life of an amoral school teacher whose forays into the occult are only the start of his troubles.

Semi-detached Satanists (9780905985299) - Gerard White

Stuart McLeod was born and bred in Lichfield and taught in the Midlands before moving to the south-east a few years before this novel was published. The eponymous hero, Gutman, is a character full of mystery and not a little foreboding. A novel worthy of a sequel.

Gutman (9780905985237) - Stuart McLeod