Authors and their work

Lichfield Then and Now appeared in 1985. On the day after its publication, into the bookshop in Lichfield, came steaming John Gallagher to point out a mistake. Apparently his time-devouring hobby was the existence of businesses in Lichfield from 1850 onwards.
  His hobby, which started with the thought that shops 'had always been there' and passed through the query 'I wonder what was there before' led in December 2006 to Trades of a City, a thoroughly-researched record of who was where, when, and what services he supplied.
'This is a book that needed to be written, a record for local historians and genealogists for centuries to come.'

Lichfield Then and Now - John Rackham & Ralph James reprinted three times, now O/P
Trades of a City (9780905985428) - John P. Gallagher

Trades cover