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Former Midlands schoolmaster and lecturer David Ayres had many a short story and poem published before he turned his hand to novel-writing.  The Called and the Chosen is his second published novel. In it he confronts the age-old question of right and wrong and leads his reader through the lives of a working-class couple who, by their lights, make their way in the world of the Liverpool dockside, and their two sons who are faced with difficult decisions as they grow up in an unfriendly environment.
Drawn from the years he spent living in the Canary Isles, David's latest collection of short stories simply called The Canaries Collection contains stories guaranteed to intrigue, amuse, even to shock the reader

The Called and the Chosen   (9780905985374) - David Ayres
The Canaries Collection (97809059857545) - David Ayres

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When friends of Barbara Bradbury - even people who were friends only because they had read her first novel Plunder of the Good Earth - heard that the Press was publishing her second novel Where Fires Burned Blue, they were overjoyed. In many ways this is a continuation of the first, based on Barbara's wide knowledge of the Staffordshire minefields and her painstaking research. It takes up the story of poor but proud folk whose expectations of life were pitifully small but who nevertheless managed to hold their heads high despite all that destiny could throw at them.

Plunder of the Good Earth (9780905985190) - Barbara Bradbury
Where Fires Burned Blue  (9780905985404) - Barbara Bradbury