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Book numbers shown are in EAN format: for ISBN-13 break like this: 978-0-905985-32-9

King's Bromley - the Artist's View Ivy Butcher 9780905985329 £15.00
Alrewas Through the Century Jeff Walker and Dianne Whiting 9780905985183 Out of Print
There's More to King's Bromley Ivy Butcher 9780905985411 £10.00
King's Bromley - a Century of Photos Ivy Butcher 9780905985220 £7.99
Every Day in Every Way Stan Shearman NOVEL 9780905985305 £12.99
Snippets from the History of K. Bromley Ivy Butcher 9780905985282 £8.99
One and Eightpence in my Pocket June Pickerill 9780905985312 £12.99
Hyacinths and Haricot Beans-Friary Sch Jean Bird 9780905985107 £8.99
Plunder of the Good Earth Barbara Bradbury NOVEL 9780905985192 £8.99
Conceived in a Pantry Andrew Hastings VERSE 9780905985244 Out of Print 9780905985244 Out of Print
In The Saddle (Cycle Tours) Maurice Purser 9780905985084 Out of Print
Where Fires Burned Blue Barbara Bradbury NOVEL 9780905985411 £9.50
Trades of a City (Lichfield) John P. Gallagher 9780905985428 £20.00
A Moment in Time (Photographs) Allan Williamson (intro. Lord Lichfield) 9780905985374 £20.00
Fairground Toast & Buttered Fun Celia Warren CHILDREN'S VERSE 9780905985251 £3.50
Fairground Toast & Buttered Fun Celia Warren Teacher's Book 9780905985268 £20.00 9780905985268 £12.50
Fairground Toast & Buttered Fun Celia Warren Pack of 6 + Teacher's Bk 9780905985275
Ten-Nil Celia Warren CHILDREN'S VERSE 9780905985367 £2.99
Something in the Potting Shed Graham Corcoran HUMOROUS VERSE 9780905985381 £4.50
The Swan of Lichfield (Anna Seward) Margaret Williams 9780905985077 £4.50 RP
Lichfield in the Second World War Les Ashley and Ralph James 9780905985398 £7.99
Annals of a Century (Bridgeman's) Owen Keyte 9780905985060 Out of Print
The Called and the Chosen David Ayres NOVEL 9780905985374 £9.99
Where Oak Birds Sing Celia Warren (foreword Wes Magee) 9780905985206 £4.99
A Walk thro' the History of Whittington Whittington & Dist. History Society 9780905985336 Out of Print Out of print
A Farmer's Daughter Evelyn Smart AUTOBIOGRAPHY 9780905985435
When Dracula came to Tea Graham Corcoran HUMOROUS VERSE 9780905985443 £4.50 9780905985443 £4.50 9780905985443 £4.50
Lichfield in the First World War (Diaries) William Pead & Ralph James 9780905985398 £8.99
Silver Words The Lichfield Poets VERSE 9780905985466 donations 9780905985466 donations
Ivy Alexandra Butcher - Her Book Ivy Butcher AUTOBIOGRAPHY 9780905985497 £5.00